The calculation of the fee for a translation depends on the length and difficulty of the text; as a rule, I calculate per standard line (= 55 keystrokes including blanks and punctuation marks) in the source language. However, upon request, another basis of calculation can be agreed. It is therefore possible for me to make an exact cost estimate only after reviewing the text to be translated.

In order to get an idea of the text type, specialist areas, level of difficulty, and style, you can e-mail me the text or a few typical pages in advance. In order to make you a non-binding proposal, I also need information on the target language, the desired delivery date, and the expected readership. If you are unable to send the text in advance, please provide exact information on the scope of the task, the type of text, and the specialist area.

For certified translations (e.g. of legal documents or certificates) I agree a fixed price which derives from the effort required for research and formatting (matching the formatting with the original document). Here, it should be noted that the price calculation also has to take into account the complete document with all its seals, fee stamps, letterheads, handwritten observations, and signatures, as well as the expenses resulting from printing, stamping, binding, and signing.

I calculate the fees for correction or proofreading on the basis of the time spent on the task, and the agreed hourly rate. For very large texts, a fixed price can also be agreed.

As a matter of course, the texts sent to me are treated in complete confidence.