Correcting and Proofreading


I review German and English documents of all types for orthography, grammar, punctuation, style, and factual correctness. If the text being reviewed is a translation, then in addition any translation errors are corrected, and here compliance with company-specific terminologies is taken into account. For documents presented in electronic form, the corrections are made directly into the file using the Word correction function. For texts in hard copy, the corrections are made in the manuscript by hand, using correction symbols as per DIN 16511.
In addition to the correction of linguistic aspects, proofreading also includes, content-related improvements to the texts. For this, emphasis is placed above all on the correct use of names (proper and company names), addresses, professional titles, numbers and calculations, source references, etc. In addition, it is examined whether content-related coherence is assured throughout the course of the document, and whether a consistent theme remains recognisable.