For the translation of texts from fields outside my own specialisations, I would like to recommend to you two of my colleagues, with whom I work together successfully. I also work together with these colleagues when correction on the “four eyes” principle is required; I would therefore briefly like to introduce them to you:

Denisa Ströhmer

Graduate translator for translations from English and Spanish into German

denisa ströhmerDue to her professional experience of more than 10 years, my much respected, Leverkusen-based colleague Denisa Ströhmer is a competent partner for translating texts related to the fields of automotive, dangerous goods management, as well as Internet and SEO marketing. With her expertise in these industries, she has a sound knowledge of the respective terminology. She also offers proofreading and correction services.

You can contact Ms Ströhmer under to find out more.


Florian Tejera Valenzuela

Graduate translator for translations from English, Spanish, and French into German

florian-tejera_frontThanks to his many years of experience, my highly esteemed colleague Florian Tejera from Essen is exactly the right man for technical translations of all types. The focus of Mr Tejera’s work is in the areas of medical technology, software, and garden and household equipment. Thanks to his specialist knowledge and his outstanding feel for language, you can be sure that Mr Tejera will be factually correct and sure in style when translating, correcting, or proofreading any type of technical documentation, such as operating instructions, process descriptions, datasheets, or product catalogues.

You can contact Mr Tejera at to find out more.